Cornerstone Animal Hospital Fundraiser

Cornerstone Animal Hospital Fundraiser

Cornerstone Animal Hospital

We are committed to giving every animal the very best care possible

Our previous treatment facility had been essential to on-site care and recovery since 1993. Today, over 220 animals of nearly 90 different species – several of them endangered – call the NEW Zoo home and depend on individualized care and attention. The Cornerstone Animal Hospital provides for current and future needs of preventative, medical and surgical animal care.

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Just like us, our animals require regular health care checkups, and on occasion, serious medical attention. The Cornerstone Animal Hospital fulfills that need.

You can help out the animals by Donating to our hospital fundraiser today.

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Cornerstone Animal Hospital

Please consider making a donation to help us accomplish our goal!!

The FINAL phase is near of the Cornerstone Animal Hospital!!! The Society has raised over $1M of the $1.5 million goal in pledges, monetary and in-kind donations, and services. Equipment purchase and installation will take place over the next two years, to be complete at the end of 2018.

First Operation in the Animal Hospital
First Operation in the Animal Hospital
Our most urgent needs are for indoor/outdoor caging, digital radiography systems, blood analyzers and other diagnostic equipment. The Society will also be funding equipment upgrades to replace aging diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. This includes digital x-ray systems, endoscopy, dental equipment, monitoring devices for anesthesia, and laboratory equipment.

This project is designed to improve the quality of veterinary care for the animals at the Zoo and at the same time enhance the experience of the Zoo visitors. Educational opportunities involving the Animal Hospital will be expanded in frequency and scope, and new educational media will be placed by the viewing windows of the new kitchen. These changes are essential to meeting the high standards of care for the animal collection and maintaining AZA accreditation.

Cornerstone Foundation-Building
Jack & Engrid Meng-Large Carnivore Ward
K.C. Stock Foundation-Nutrition Center
K.C. Stock Foundation-Children’s Zoo
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation-Observation Window
Schneider National Foundation-Laboratory & Pharmacy
& Lounge, Staff Rest, Recovery & Recuperation
Festival Foods “Zootrition Board”
Byron L. Walter-Hoofstock Ward


$50,000.00 from KC & Georgia Stock Foundation (this is a 2nd $50,000 gift)
$50,000.00 on behalf of Byron L. Walter
$50,000.00 In Memory of Arnold W. Schmidt, Bay Industries Inc.

Thank you to So Many Wonderful Donors!

Thank you Cornerstone Fdn., for pledging $250,000.00 for this project. Thank you Wisconsin Public Service Foundation for pledging $50,000.00. Thank you Jack & Engrid Meng, Inc. for pledging $50,000.00. Thank you K.C. Stock Foundation for the $50,000.00 pledge. Thank you Schneider National Foundation for the $50,000.00 pledge. Thank you to the following for their generous gifts for this project: Ben Schenkelberg, Daniel & Martha Gray, Kathy Hanson, Dr. Samuel Vainisi & Dr. Gretchen Schmidt, Mau & Associates, Associated Bank, Terry & Kris Fulwiler, Karen McDiarmid & Jim Montgomery, Jeff Sahaida, Schneider Community Credit Union, New Covenant, LaForce Inc., Maggie & Jim Ford, Diana Rockhill, Fleet Farm, James Voeks, Red Lewis (PDQ), Drs. Cheryl Skaletski & Margaret Eastman (Bay East Animal Hospital), Dr. Tracey Gilbert, Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Michael & Leanne Haddad Fdn., Pivot Rock Fund, NE WI Building Trades Council, Scenic View, Hart Design Foundation, Inc., Bay Tek Games, Kathy Hanson (In Memory of Richard Bajorek ), Colleen Fuhrman, Bernie & Alyce Dahlin, Bleser Family Fdn., Mike & Lisa Pritzl, the Ken Long Memorial Fund, Joe & Lisa Draves, Festival Foods, Jean Heintz Memorial Fund, Kiwanis Club of DePere, Precision Cut Stone, Ernest & Joan Harvey (In Memory of their Labrador Retrievers, Rocky, Jake, & Coe), Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc., $10,000 from an Anonymous Donor, Green Bay Packers, Hart Design Foundation, Inc., Anita Sevcik (In Honor of Thomas Sevcik), Lizz Gibson & Jon Russell, Ron & Colleen Weyers, VerHalen Inc., Norman Miller Family Foundation, The Deprey Estate, Green Bay Downtown Lions Club, Karl VanRoy, Dick English, In Memory of Shirley Henry, Wochinske Family Foundation, Rock Ledge Intermediate School, Keith and Priscilla Krist, Trinks Inc. in honor of Cheryl Lehman, Ed Meyer Jr., & Daniel Gray (In Memory of Martha Hanna)!

Contact the Society at 920-434-6814 to make a donation or for more information.

Contact the Society:

PO Box 12647
Green Bay WI 54307

Your Contribution Counts!

Cornerstone Animal Hospital

The N.E.W. Zoological Society, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose primary purpose is to provide financial support to the NEW Zoo, is requesting your financial support. Our fundraising efforts continue with the new Cornerstone Animal Hospital and Recovery Center.

As of January 1st we have raised over $1M of our $1.5 million goal with money pledged, in-kind services, and products donated. A big THANK YOU to our many donors! Naming Rights are still available for many of the rooms.

The $1.5 million project included the construction and furnishing of a new hospital and the renovation of the old hospital into a Nutrition Center with a diet kitchen and winter holding area. Both the Cornerstone Hospital and the Nutrition Center are operational.

Our current fundraising efforts will pay off the building loan, purchase new medical equipment for the hospital and corral gates in the holding area of the hospital (these gates are very expensive but greatly needed). The New Animal Hospital will provide for current and future needs of preventative, medical, and surgical animal care. Our hope is to have both buildings up and running and the debt paid off in 2018!