The giraffe addition will encompass 3,640 square feet of indoor exercise space for our current two giraffes during inclement weather and overnight hours. The space includes additional storage and the ability for the NEW Zoo to add additional giraffes in the near future. Currently, the NEW Zoo is home to two reticulated giraffes and this additional space will allow the opportunity to increase the size of our herd and participate in breeding efforts of this endangered species.

This expansion to the current habitat will also offer new, behind-the-scenes spaces for guests to enjoy private viewings and interactive, educational encounters which provide additional revenues, while benefitting guests of all ages and increasing guest satisfaction. The giraffes’ welfare requirements, as outlined by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, will also be better met by the new space.

A 912-square-foot snow leopard building will replace the current and very outdated building, originally built for baboons in 1994. The new building will allow keepers the ability to move the snow leopards individually by including two indoor shifting systems. The outdoor space will be doubled in size and a new rock formation will highlight the center of the enclosure.

The new building will provide highly desirable behind-the-scenes “big cat” experiences for guests, which will increase Education Department revenues and should draw in new visitors. Opportunities for these types of interactive encounters are high priorities within the zoo’s Master Plan and within the Association of Zoo & Aquarium’s standards. In addition to aligning with the interests of many zoo guests, this new building will better meet the needs of the snow leopards themselves by providing additional space that may encourage breeding behaviors in this critically endangered species.

Campaign Updates & Donation Options

Thanks to lead donors Lee & Kathy Anderson, Rick & Darcy Renkens, Terry & Kris Fulwiler, The George Kress Foundation, Dr. & Mary Jones, Jim & Jane Watermolen, and Rebecca Proefrock, we are at $1,500,000 of our $1,700,000 project goal!

To make a cash donation, make your check payable to “NEW Zoo Society – Capital Campaign” and mail it to PO Box 252, Suamico, WI 54173.

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